Meryl Streep had a memorable night at the 2018 Golden Globes. She was nominated for Best Actress for her work in The Post; she met super fan Kelly Clarkson…and she had her seat accidentally stolen by Mariah Carey

Jimmy Kimmel asked Streep about the seat swapping on Monday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

"Bitch stole my seat," Meryl quipped, confirming the incident.

Giving a play-by-play, Streep jokingly recalled how she returned to her seat and found Carey sitting there "sucking up" to Steven Spielberg. The "Hero" singer explained she was told to sit there during a commercial break and offered to give Streep her seat back. 

"No, no stay there. I'll sit on your lap because," Streep said, shrugging her shoulders. She then teasingly added, "Comfy."

Watch the video to see Streep tell the whole story.

To be fair, Streep had a pretty enviable table. In addition to sitting next to Spielberg, the Florence Foster Jenkins star sat by her co-star Tom Hanks, his wife Rita Wilson and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom star Kate Capshaw.

Carey documented the whole mishap on social media.

"Got caught mingling on the way to the loo during a commercial break..took the first seat available, happens to be right next to Steven Spielberg," the Grammy-winning artist tweeted. "Cut to next commercial break, guess who comes back to her seat…"

She then added, "(me) Dear Meryl, please forgive me!!! (MERYL STREEP) You can take my seat any time!"

That's one night Carey will never forget.

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