When you're taking on the royal family, dramatizing historical events, there are some things that remain taboo.

"Sex," Matt Smith told E! News.

"Yes, yes, yes," Vanessa Kirby added.

But there was a little scene between Smith's Prince Philip and Claire Foy's Queen Elizabeth II in the first season of The Crown that involved some "kissing up on" a bottom. "Felt tremendous," Smith joked.

In season two, The Crown ditched a sex scene for Kirby's Princess Margaret. "We decided that actually no one wants to see royal boob, which is what we called it, so, in not needing that, it wasn't that kind of show," Kirby admitted.

Vanessa Kirby, The Crown


The Crown tells the story of Queen Elizabeth's ascension to throne and all the drama that comes along with being a monarch in the spotlight. Season one began in the 1950s, season two is in the swinging 1960s. For viewers and the stars alike, it's been a history lesson.

"I feel like it's a lot of new information for people in England for people anyway, because I certainly didn't know about that time in history in the way that I've learned about it because of the show. I think that's something that's really wonderful about it actually; it makes people interested, including me, in things that I had no idea about. I had forgotten all those prime ministers," Kirby said.

"Totes," Smith said. "Nowhere near them."

Click play to hear more from Kirby and Smith about all things The Crown season two, which is now streaming on Netflix.

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