It has been nearly a year since the world lost Carrie Fisher, but her presence is still very much felt by the Star Wars cast and crew that became like her family in the time they worked together.

Her portrayal of Princess Leia, in Star Wars: The Last Jedi was not intended to be her farewell performance, but since her passing, the movie has taken on a new meaning for the cast of the film.

Oscar Isaac told E! News that Carrie's performance in the newest installment of the sci-fi classic is a "beautiful tribute to Leia and everything she has really represented throughout…all of the films." Isaac and his other cast mates described how emotional it was to watch the film after their loss, with Gwendoline Christie saying, "You could feel all of us, the second she appeared on the screen, that everyone took a breath."

This sentiment was echoed by the director, Rian Johnson, who said, "It is so complicated watching it, you know, because on one level, again, it is just a beautiful performance, on the other level you are watching your friend who you are not going to see again."

Johnson also sympathized with fans of the films, adding, "And for audiences it is going to be probably similar, you know, you have people—fans grew up not only watching Leia on the screen but also watching Carrie and loving her. So it is going to be a sort of goodbye."

Perhaps one person who feels the loss of Carrie the most is Mark Hamill, who starred opposite of her as Luke Skywalker.

The actor said it's been difficult to speak about his "irreplaceable" friend in the past tense, explaining that despite the fact that they often "blew hot and cold," they truly loved each other. He added, "And I get really mad at her—which is so selfish—I should be grateful for the time I had with her rather than…wanting more."

In the interview with E! News, Hamill reflected on the time he had with Carrie, who was like his pretend sibling, and laughed about how he would pick on her just like any other brother would do to their sister.

He said that after the "Dadvader" plot twist was revealed, Carrie refused to acknowledge that his character was technically royalty and he made sure to bother her about it any chance he had.

This lighthearted debate between the two lasted well into recent years, with Hamill even bringing up the issue with British Royals Prince Harry and Prince William when they came onto set for a cameo in The Last Jedi.  Unfortunately, Hamill didn't get the answer he wanted, however, with the princes unable to come to a unanimous decision on his royalty status—Prince William said he was a prince, but Harry needed more information before deciding.  

Although the royalty debate was never settled between him and Carrie, Hamill knows deep down "that wherever she may be, that she is looking down, enjoying it all vicariously, as she lovingly extends her middle finger."

Star Wars: The Last Jedi premieres nationwide in theaters on December 15.

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