Is Hugh Jackman Going to Be Wolverine for Halloween?

He tweeted a picture of him holding up a costume for the X-Men character

By Elyse Dupre Oct 26, 2017 5:42 PMTags

Just maybe I will finally wear blue and yellow spandex for my #halloweencostume #tootall #wolverine

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Finding the perfect Halloween costume is never easy—even for Hugh Jackman

The Oscar-nominated actor shared a picture of him holding a Wolverine costume on Instagram. Raising our hopes, he wrote, "Just maybe I will finally wear blue and yellow spandex for my #halloweencostume."

Unfortunately, he added the hashtags "#tootall #Wolverine" at the end of the caption, making it seem like he didn't buy the Marvel character costume after all.

If it's any help, Hugh, something tells us you could definitely rock that suit.

Hugh Jackman: Movie Star!

For nearly two decades, Jackman played the clawed character in the X-Men movies. Even though the actor once reportedly said he had to "find a way to keep playing him until I die," he also revealed that Logan, his ninth film as the character, would be the last time he played the hero.

"Wolverine…one last time. HJ," he captioned a photo on Instagram.

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While Jackman has seen great success from playing Wolverine, he admitted the role wasn't always easy for him. At this year's Producer Guild Awards he said he was "kind of struggling, to be honest" when he started playing the character and that studio executive Tom Rothman once gave him some tough feedback.

"He told me that he believed in me, that from the moment he'd seen my tape he had a gut feeling I was the guy," Jackman recalled, "but watching my dailies was like watching someone put a lampshade over a light."

If Jackman could figure out how to embody the X-Men character, we're sure he can figure out what to be for Halloween.