Behind the Scenes of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

The cast and crew of the musical sequel show glimpse of the set and their roles

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"Ooh, see that girl! Watch that scene! Dig in the dancing queen!"

Nine years after the movie musical Mamma Mia hit theaters, Universal Pictures announced some the good news: it's bringing fans' favorite characters back for a sequel, titled Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. The original film was based on the ABBA-inspired Broadway show, where a bride-to-be tricked  three presumed fathers into visiting Greece so she could figure out who her biological parent was—all in time for him to walk her down the aisle, of course.

Besides getting to see all our old favorites dancing their way back across Greece, the sequel (shot on location in Croatia) will feature a whole new set of players to represent Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgård and Pierce Brosnan's characters years before the original took place. We'll get to see the wild summer to led to Amanda Seyfried's character's birth, as well as getting to witness the Dynamos in their heyday (originally played by Streep, Christina Baranski and Julie Walters).

Some of the fresh faces will include Lily James as a young Donna, Jeremy Irvine as a young Bill, Hugh Skinner as a young Harry and Josh Dylan as a young Sam. The newest addition to this star-studded film is Cher, who will play Donna's mother in the flashback sections.

The sequel will feature new songs from ABBA, as well as a few reprises of old favorites. The first film grossed $609.8 million at the global box office.

It's safe to say fans are gearing up for another heart-warming sing-a-long. But until then, we've gathered all the behind the scene photos from the cast and crew's Instagram accounts.

Start warming up, and check out the photos below:

Here We Go Again

"Welcome back to Kalokairi" — @mingey


Sing for Your Supper

"You might have thought the days of waiting tables in restaurants were behind @piercebrosnanofficial (even if not me) but when needs must, we'll put our matching shirts on and sing for you as we clear your plates. For reservations please contact the #MammaMia2 production team. Deeply touched by this man's generosity, grace and humour. Lot of fun!" — @_jeremyirvine

When You're Near Me, Darlin' Can't You Feel Me

"mammamia2" — @_joshdylan

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme More of This Partnership

"Never thought his would happen again but, here I was last night once more, with the gracious and brilliant Mr Benny Anderson ...ABBA... recording at Air Studios for the next ..."Here we go again, Mamma Mia" movie. Magic." — @piercebrosnanofficial

All Smiles on Set

"Sophie and young Auntie Tanya in a space-time continuum" — @mingey

Cutest Couple Award Goes To...

"Take a Chance on Me #MammaMia2 #HereWeGoAgain #behindthescenes" — @judycraymer

Retro Bill

"#realmenwearpink @daisyrodger took this" — @_joshdylan

The Flashback Crew

"Back together in GB town #mammamia2" — @jkwynn

Things Are Heating Up

"I know this doesn't look like much compared to most people on Instagram but I want to thank @teamkingsbury for helping me lose the equivalent of three babies worth of weight in 5 weeks for #mammamia2 and showing me life can still be fun without my diet of beer and chips (sort of). Still a bit to go but nearly there..." — @_jeremyirvine

A Man on Both Arms

"Leaving Croatia - Having had the time of our lives #MammaMia2 #HereWeGoAgain #behindthescenes" — @judycraymer

The Beginning

"1st day #MammaMiaMovie #HereWeGoAgain #MammaMia2" — @_jeremyirvine

Tech Trek

"Me and technology... size isn't everything! #behindthescenes #MammaMia2 #HereWeGoAgain" — @judycraymer

Fearless Leader

"Continuing filming back on set - it's all very greek! #behindthescenes #MammaMia2 #HereWeGoAgain" — @judycraymer

Sky's New Lady

"Lay all your love on me. Getting up close and personal with Dominic Cooper! #MammaMia2 #HereWeGoAgain #behindthescenes" — @judycraymer

Bronzed and Beautiful

"TANya #MammiaMia2 #MammaMiaMovie #herewegoagain #thankgodforluciamama" — @jkwynn

Never Ending Dinners

"My sweet Hugh #almostwrappedincroatiadinner" — @jkwynn

Sweet as Honey

"Lily James's hair looking very Honey Honey on set #behindthescenes #MammaMia2 #HereWeGoAgain" — @judycraymer


— @mingey

Lady Admirers

"'Chiquitita tell me what's wrong?' #dayoff #JulieWalters" — @judycraymer

Set With a View

"Here we go again ...MM2 A Moment in time on the island of Vis/ Croatia... photo by @christinebaranski" — @piercebrosnanofficial

Captain Colin

"Mamma Mia 2 we go again ...on a Monday morning heading out to sea, and that looks a lot like Mr Colin Firth ..." — @piercebrosnanofficial

All Sunny on Set

"@alexalaura @jkwynn dynamo ♥️ #mammamia2" — @lilyjamesofficial

Old Pals

"My, my! Just how much I've missed you! Look who I found on set today! #behindthescenes #MammaMia #HereWeGoAgain" — @judycraymer

Horsing Around

"Even Archie was sad to leave the island, now he's back home in the UK. He's now a fully paid up Equity member! #behindthescenes #MammaMia2 #HereWeGoAgain" — @judycraymer

Working for That Money, Money, Money

"I work all night, I work all day... #behindthescenes #MammaMia2 #HereWeGoAgain" — @judycraymer

Dynamic Dynamos

"Dynamo day" — @alexalaura


"On set #behindthescenes... it's all very Greek! #MammaMia2 #HereWeGoAgain" — @judycraymer

Good Things Come in Threes

"Hugh, Jeremy and I have formed a synchronised sea-swimming team. For bookings or to arrange a competitive fixture, please drop us a line. #mammamia2" — @_joshdylan

Shady Ladies

"Does your mother know that you're out? The two Tanyas! #ChristineBaranski #behindthescenes #MammaMia2 #HereWeGoAgain" — @judycraymer

The Perfect Swoop

"Hairy" — @_joshdylan

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