Police Called to Harvey Weinstein's Daughter's House for "Family Disturbance"

Details on why authorities visited the Los Angeles area home Wednesday morning

By Jess Cohen, Alli Rosenbloom Oct 12, 2017 12:11 AMTags

Authorities reportedly responded to a call made by Harvey Weinstein's daughter Remy on Wednesday.

TMZ reports that Weinstein's 22-year-old daughter made the call to 911 to "say her dad was suicidal." Law enforcement tells the site that Weinstein was at Remy's house in the Los Angeles area when they had an argument that ended up in the street.

Weinstein went back inside and authorities arrived soon after. Law enforcement sources confirmed to TMZ that Remy made the call and she said her father was "suicidal and depressed."

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An LAPD spokesperson confirms to E! News that they responded to Harvey's daughter's house shortly after 10:30 a.m. for a "family disturbance." The investigation revealed there was no evidence of crime, it was just a family dispute.

The spokesperson also tells us that the Wilshire division LAPD officers responded to the home and the person who resides there called the police initially because they were having a dispute.

The person that the caller was concerned about was not there when police arrived and a public information officer is unable to confirm that the call into police was about Weinstein.

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However, a friend of Weinstein's told Page Six Wednesday evening the he's not suicidal but that "his heart is breaking for his kids." The pal also told the publication that Remy "overreacted" when she called the police Wednesday morning.

"Harvey's daughter Remy was very upset and concerned for her father, because of what she'd read in the media," the friend explained to Page Six. "She was crying, so he left his therapy and went to her house on Wednesday morning to comfort her."

But when Weinstein believed he saw photographers, he left Remy's house.

Weinstein has three children Remy, Emma and Ruth from his first marriage to Eve Chilton. This news comes just one day after Weinstein's second wife Georgina Chapman, with whom he also has two children, announced that she's leaving him

On Sunday, Weinstein was terminated from The Weinstein Company, three days after the New York Times published a story about his years and years of alleged misconduct. In response to the article, one of Weinstein's attorneys Charles J. Harder told E! News last week that the article was "saturated with false and defamatory statements."