TV Host Anne-Marie Losique Defends Ben Affleck After Controversial Video Resurfaces

Oscar winner was caught flirting with the reporter in a 2004 interview

By Mike Vulpo, Alli Rosenbloom Oct 11, 2017 11:01 PMTags

Anne-Marie Losique is coming to Ben Affleck's defense.

The Oscar winner has been put in the hot seat today after a 2004 interview resurfaced on the Internet. In the Box-Office clip, Ben was seen flirting with the TV host and complimenting her physical appearance.

"You usually show a lot more cleavage than this," he explained before Anne-Marie explained that it was Sunday morning. "That never stopped you before from getting them titties out. Who are you trying to fool? Sunday morning. You could be in church and have that rack on display…Usually it's a bikini and the whole, you should work at Fox here in LA."

Ultimately, Anne-Marie is speaking out and providing a bit more context to the video going viral.

"We have this game to play for the cameras between Ben and I where he would imitate my accents and then it would just go on. And yes, I sat on his lap but it was all fun and games for the cameras. Nothing improper ever happened," she explained to E! News exclusively. "As soon as the cameras stopped rolling, we would [walk] out because you know on junket days where they do interviews after interviews after interviews, so it was just a little fun moment."

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Anne-Marie continued, "Very honestly, I never felt at one point uncomfortable and I never felt at any point that it was improper, and if I had felt that, very honestly I wouldn't have continued. I would've said, I would like to do a serious interview, but I knew people loved them. I've always done all the interviews without editing anything out and I just let it [run] as is because as I said it makes for great TV."

The TV host explained that the interview occurred at a junket where her outlet typically receives only three to five minutes with each actor. As a result, it's rare she's participating in an in-depth interview.

And in a separate interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Anne-Marie shared that there were 20 people in the room at the time of the interview.

"In a way, I feel a bit bad because I think he was more, I think he was doing more a parody of our French culture. In many of the other interviews that you haven't seen because we just see that one, he'd actually do a lot of parody on our Quebec politics—the fact that we want to separate and that we're different than everybody else," Anne-Marie explained. "I think [the resurfaced video] was more a parody on us and I think we got the joke and people really enjoyed it."

And for those wondering, Anne-Marie has not spoken to Ben since her last interview with him "years and years" ago.