Dammit, cults!

Tonight's American Horror Story dug even deeper into the creepy and disgusting world of Kai's (Evan Peters) burgeoning cult, telling the story of how he seduced his followers, and how he's currently seducing Ally (Sarah Paulson) while alienating her at the same time.

First, Meadow's (Leslie Grossman) apparent desertion of the cult was totally fake, as we suspected. She was instructed by Kai to tell Ally the entire truth about the cult, including the fact that Ivy (Alison Pill) was a part of it. And he also told her to try an assassinate him at his city council rally, which was the last step in becoming as legendary as he planned to become. 

So she did, but when she smoke cleared and the police arrived, Meadow had shot herself and Ally was left holding the gun. 

Before all that, it seemed as if a savior had arrived in the form of Mare Winningham, who planned to run against Kai and who happily listened to Ally's concerns about the cult and contributed her own knowledge of famous cults in history. But then the clowns arrived, and Mare Winningham was no more. 

We also saw the first time Kai sat down with Ivy and she admitted that she kind of hated Ally. Ally had always sort of acted superior about the fact that she was the one who gave birth to Ozzy, calling him "my baby" and breastfeeding him until he was three, all while not being able to get over her "entitled" phobias. Ivy claimed she only stayed with Ally because of Oz, and she'd only leave if she could take him with her. 

American Horror Story: Cult, AHS: Cult


So far, this season has somehow gone exactly where we thought it would go and not where we thought it would go at all, which is kind of nice, but this is also typically the point in season of AHS where the focus gets a bit muddled. 

According to the title of next week's episode, we're finally going to get to see some of those cults throughout history that we heard a bit about tonight, starting with Andy Warhol. And just based on the picture alone, it's gonna be good, so hopefully this season stays on track, because so far, it's completely winning us over. 

Also: Can we just talk about the fact that Harrison (Billy Eichner) and Detective Samuels (Colton Haynes) are hooking up? Do you think they're actually happy together or are they just sexy cult buddies? Does Detective Samuels like bees and Nicole Kidman too? Does Harrison even like bees and Nicole Kidman or was that just a cult thing? So many questions! 

American Horror Story airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX. 

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