Who in the Riverdale cast is most likely to be late to set? 

They're all happy to spill, and the answer is Veronica Lodge, AKA Camila Mendes

"It keeps coming up," she admitted to us at this summer's San Diego Comic-Con. "Never gonna hide that one." 

That's just one of the fun facts to be found in this game of "Most Likely To," which also reveals which cast member is most likely to be found at craft services, who doesn't sing, who's got snacks, and that there's a real argument going on over who baits the fans the most on social media. 

When asked about using shipper names in real life, Madelaine Petsch says they all particularly use "Bughead" to refer to Betty and Jughead, but Casey Cott likes to take things a bit further with his own ideas. 

"I do like thinking of ship names of random two characters that aren't together while on set sometimes," he says, and Cole Sprouse suggests "Taterbee"—the combination of Principal Weatherbee and Pop tate—as an example. 

"That's a good one," Petsch agrees.

Even cast newcomer Charles Melton unanimously wins an award for who's most likely to work out with KJ Apa, due to the fact that he's "the only one that can keep up." You can get to know Charles and his gym-going habits in the second video above!

Riverdale returns tomorrow night at 8 p.m. on the CW. 

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