Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott, kids


An elaborate kids birthday party filled with gifts, attractions and memorable themes? That's so Tori.

For the past several years, Tori Spelling hasn't just celebrated her kid's day of births with a cake and a few presents.

Instead, the Beverly Hills, 90210 alumna has consistently proven to be a mom passionate about creating a memorable celebration for each of her kids' big days.

While Dean McDermott deserves plenty of credit for helping out, it appears Tori is the force behind events like Liam's glamping party for his 10th birthday or Stella's Japanese-themed get together for when she turned eight.

"Stella is obsessed with Japan. She studied all things Japan in school last year and is a huge fan of sushi!" Tori once wrote on her personal website. "With a specific vision of all things Japanese mixed with a #Kawaii touch and all pastels we had a theme set! And away we went…"

Whether finding tips on Instagram or utilizing her favorite family brands, Tori doesn't mess around when creating a Pinterest-approved celebration.

With her daughter Hattie turning six today, we decided to take a look back at some of mom's unforgettable parties in our gallery below.

While we're not sure what mom has lined up for Hattie this year, something tells us it's going to be good.

Tori Spelling, Hattie McDermott, Hattie Birthday

Jonathan Ressler/

Tori Spelling, Liam Birthday Party, Minecraft


Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott

Michael Simon/

Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott, Stella McDermott, Finn McDermott, Hattie McDermott, Liam McDermott Birthday

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Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott, Liam McDermott, Beau McDermott, Finn McDermott, Stella McDermott, Hattie McDermott

Michael Simon/

Tori Spelling, Liam, Stella, Hattie, Finn, Star Wars

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Tori Spelling, Hattie, Finn, Rodeo Birthday Party


"I can't believe how big my babes are getting! It feels like just yesterday when I found out I was pregnant with my first baby girl!" Tori previously shared on her blog. "When it comes to kids' birthday parties you know that I tend to go all out for the special celebratory day."

You better watch out Tori! Pretty soon, it will be time to plan Sweet 16's for your kids. Time flies when you're having fun—and throwing parties.

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