Grey's Anatomy's Brain Tumor Is Already Killing Us

Amelia tried to keep her illness a secret on the October 5 episode of the ABC hit

By Lauren Piester Oct 06, 2017 1:57 AMTags

OK, we're not about to complain about Grey's Anatomy right now, but boy was tonight frustrating. 

Amelia was refusing to tell her friends and family about her gigantic brain tumor, all while Megan was bitching to Owen about how terrible his wife is. Jackson's very awful grandfather was visiting, and perfectly happy to rant about how the hospital was falling apart since it was run by women. And then of course, there's Meredith, Riggs, and Megan's real confusing and sad love triangle. 

In the end, everything worked out in a way that was a little less frustrating, but it wasn't exactly pleasant. 

Amelia brought in Greg Germann as her former mentor, who essentially told her that her every move has been affected by that tumor for possibly the last 10 years. She went into a tailspin, looking up every surgery she ever did that went badly to see if there was any sign that the tumor had impaired her abilities. 

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It took Webber to calm her down, and eventually she was convinced to tell people about the tumor. She started with Maggie, who cried, and then she called Owen to the tech room where her scans were displayed. At first he yelled and scolded her for not talking to him for weeks, but then he saw the scans. 

Amelia was admitted to the hospital with Owen by her side, and Meredith eventually joined her. Based on how many times we started to cry tonight and during the promo for next week, we're not going to survive that surgery without some serious tears. 

Jackson's rude grandfather also came to visit tonight, and no matter how much Bailey tried to prepare for him, he shut her down, making sexist remarks about how women can't run hospitals. She fought back and saved his funding, but got herself fired in the process.


When she and Catherine went back in to try and fight the firing, they found Harper dead in his chair. Nobody was too upset about it, and now Bailey might not be fired? Or she is fired? That's still unclear. 

Meanwhile, Meredith resolved her own love triangle, telling Riggs to go back to Megan, because why the hell would he not take advantage of his dream coming true? And Maggie, Jackson, and April are still kind of dancing around that other "love triangle" that makes no sense. 

But honestly, even with the brilliant Abigail Spencer doing her best to distract us, our eyes are on that brain tumor. Has all of Amelia's often erratic behavior been because of this tumor? Will she be different when she wakes up? Will she even wake up?? This show is, as always, the most stressful. 

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.