We. Knew. It.

Ivy (Alison Pill) has been part of the cult this entire time, as was revealed at the beginning of tonight's episode of American Horror Story. This was then followed by Sarah Paulson clawing at holes in her neck that were crawling with bugs, and we audibly screeched and spun our spinny chair all the way around so we wouldn't have to witness it, but we were still exuberant over this new revelation. 

Ivy's in the cult. Goddamn. 

American Horror Story: Cult, AHS: Cult


In fact, everyone's in the cult aside from Ally. And everyone but Ally is also one of the clowns! 

The clown gang took down Bob (Dermot Mulroney) tonight (along with the gimp in his attic???) and took off their masks, revealing Harrison (Billy Eichner), Beverly (Adina Porter), the cop (Colton Haynes), Winter (Billie Lourd), Ivy, and the guy from the grocery store (Chaz Bono).

Bob tried to fire Beverly  for her rogue reporting, so Kai (Evan Peters) decided it was time for Bob to die, which Beverly then got to report on. 

We also got to see what went down when that poor coffin-fearing woman was stuffed into a coffin, when Meadow and random other cult member R.J. started to freak out a bit. We saw that R.J. was disposed of, and we also saw Meadow (Leslie Grossman) in a hole, then explaining through the window that Kai is running a cult and Ivy's in it before being grabbed. Is she actually trying to get Ally's help, or is this another trick? Is there anybody to trust at this point?

We also knew that Dr. Vincent was evil, but we certainly did not expect him to be Kai and Winter's older brother! Through Beverly taking charge of the pinky-swearing ritual, Kai called him back in 2014 after their mother shot their abusive father and then shot herself, but Rudy (who apparently originated the pinky swear thing) refused to let him call the police, because they'd lose all their money. 

So instead, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson were laid to rest in their bed, and the door was locked, and they're still there! Three years later! Kai still visits them sometimes to tell his mother he loves her. Oh geez. 

Just...oh geez.

American Horror Story: Cult airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX. 

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