Did Demi Lovato Write "Ruin the Friendship" About Nick Jonas?

Demi Lovato's flirtatious song "Ruin the Friendship" might be about her friend and business partner Nick Jonas
By Zach Johnson Sep 29, 2017 11:45 AMTags
Demi Lovato Through the Years

Though Demi once dated Nick's older brother, DNCE's Joe Jonas, has she since developed a crush on the "Find You" singer? And is "Ruin the Friendship" about Nick? "I was frustrated with a certain situation. And I was like, 'You know what, I'm just going to write about it.' And so I did, and sent [the songs] to that person, and that was...interesting," she recently told VICE's Noisey. "Any time you send a song about the person, to the person—it's ballsy. It's like, 'Hey! Here's my feelings for you!'…They knew [how I felt], but neither of us had acknowledged [them] before. And then it turned out that person had written a song about me, and we exchanged songs."

Demi didn't name names, but her mystery man apparently didn't feel the same way. "That person was like, 'That's an incredible song,'" she said. "I was like, 'Yeah, well...' It's like, 'Hel-lo!'"

"They had their reasons," Demi added. "But, yeah."

Don't expect Demi to ever confirm if Nick inspired "Ruin the Friendship." While discussing her album's title track on Australia's Sunrise Friday, she said, "I would love to say who I'm singing about, but I like to keep some of that stuff personal to myself. I'm kind of a private person."

However, as she told interviewer Nelson Aspen, "I do lay a lot out on the line when I do an interview, or whenever I perform and write my lyrics. If I'm able to inspire people to share their story and be honest and open with things that they believe in, then awesome. It's so important that you raise your voice and raise the awareness of important issues that are going on today."