Lisa Vanderpump Mourns the Death of Her Beloved Pink Dog: ''We Are Devastated''

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is famous for her animal rights advocacy work

By McKenna Aiello Sep 26, 2017 11:57 PMTags
Lisa VanderpumpJohn Lamparski/Getty Images

It's a sad day in the Vanderpump household. 

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump announced Tuesday that one of her dogs had suddenly passed away. Pink Dog, a 5-year-old Pomeranian known for its light pink fur, was apart of Lisa's large brood of pets and pooches. 

"Rest in peace Pink Dog, we are devastated to see you go so suddenly," she penned to Instagram. "You were such a happy pink dog and we will miss you dreadfully, we love you."

Vanderpump also revealed on Twitter that her husband Ken Todd tried to save the dog: "Pink dog died suddenly yesterday afternoon, ken gave her cpr all the way to vet but it was too late. Very very sad at this moment."

Famous Animal Rights Activists

Fans of the reality star have come to understand just how far Lisa's passion for animals goes. She herself owns at least five other dogs, including the famous Giggy and Daddio. She also owns a number of turtles and eight white swans, two of which named Hanky and Panky that are frequently featured on Real Housewives

"I think she knows she's pink and she's special," the Bravolebrity once told the New York Post about Pink Dog. 

In May, Lisa opened the Vanderpump Dogs dog rescue center in Los Angeles, telling E! News at the time, "Ken and I have been fighting for the kind of more humane treatment of dogs worldwide. One of pieces of the jigsaw puzzle was really to open a rescue center but we wanted to open a rescue center that wasn't, like, depressing and I know it's like nothing else you've ever seen."

Her and her husband also co-founded the Vanderpump Dog Foundation, which helps rescue and provide medical treatment for abandoned dogs all over the world.

Our thoughts go out to Lisa and Ken at this time.