7 Beauty Lessons We've Learned From Zendaya's Eyebrows

We're celebrating the star's birthday with her best brow looks

By Alanah Joseph Sep 01, 2017 12:34 PMTags
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Zendaya's eyebrows are on another level. 

Thick, natural eyebrows that don't require much maintenance—that's the dream, right? Well, for this Disney star, it seems to be a reality. Whether she's photographed on the street or on the red carpet, with glam makeup or no makeup at all, her brows always come through, offering beauty inspiration (see: her Golden Globes beauty).

Normally the brow-obsessed follow a strict regimen to keep the hair above their eyes in check. But, plucking, waxing or threading too much can easily keep anyone from reaching their brow potential. The Oakland-born actress doesn't do much to her brows. She lets them be, resulting in a very natural look. This is the one of the many lessons we've learned.

Zendaya's Best Looks

Today, on the "Replay" singer's birthday, we're taking note of all of the lessons we've learned for her effortless beauty. Check them out below! 

Lesson #1: Make Your Brows Pop

With her hair pulled back, Zendaya's brows command all of the attention. Lesson: When your brows are bangin', make them the star.

Lesson #2: Light to Dark

The difference between the brunette tone of her hair and her complexion makes her strands more visible. To keep them looking natural, make sure your eyebrows are lighter in the center.

Lesson #3: Keep It Natural

The "Replay" singer doesn't tweeze her eyebrows. Keep them thick and healthy by refraining from the tweezers.

Lesson #4: Highlight Your Arch

A little highlighter goes a long way.

Lesson #5: Less Is More

Focus on the shape and thickness of your eyebrows, and you won't have to worry too much about filling them in.

Lesson #6: Sisters, Not Twins

Your eyebrows are supposed to be sisters. They don't need to be exactly the same to look perfect.

Lesson #7: Be Proud of Your Brows

Whether they're thin, bushy, short or long, your brows are beautiful. 

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Happy birthday, Zendaya! 

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