WAGS Miami Recap: Astrid Steps Into the Dating Game With a Baseball Player and Darnell's Birthday Celebration Goes South

See how the drama unfolded in Sunday's all-new episode
By Gabi Duncan Aug 28, 2017 3:00 AMTags
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Astrid continued, "Even though you have like these great friends that are inviting you to go out and to do all these things, also find people that motivate you to focus on your work."

To her credit, it seemed like Astrid was actually coming from a place of concern—her timing just sucked.

"Sitting in a hot tub on my birthday when I'm just trying to make it for real, this ain't the time," Darnell said.

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Meanwhile, Astrid had also sparked a connection with baseball player Michael Crouse, thanks in part to Kayla Cox's matchmaking skills. After two successful dates, a kiss sealed the deal that the Hera Swim designer was definitely feeling the pro athlete.

"Coming into this I was nervous, but Michael's definitely making me feel comfortable," she admitted. "Man, this feels good!"

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