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Brace yourself, Hollywood: There are babies on the way.

With the exciting pregnancy announcements of Mindy Kaling, Jessica Alba, Serena Williams and Christina Perri, it appears baby fever has hit the industry.

Prepare your nurseries.

While we see how stars stay ahead of perpetually changing fashion trends, we don't see as much of what happens behind closed doors. Now, with the sudden boom of expecting celeb moms, we're anticipating an array of baby décor and interior design fit for the pop culture royalty they're destined to raise. We definitely want to know what that's going to look like.

So we got in touch with Kara Smith, the principal of LA-based firm SFA Design (whose past celebrity clients include Fergie and Josh Duhamel), to learn more about the latest trends in Hollywood nurseries and how to incorporate them in our own homes.

To start, Kara said to ditch the traditional delicate pink and blue hues. When it comes to nursery design, her high-profile clients are looking for something whimsical yet sophisticated with coordinated shades that are more of a subtle nod to the baby's gender. They want a room with personality that's reflective of the parent's interests. New color combinations like taupe, blush, pink and avocado for a girl and lime green, grey with a pop of persimmon for a boy are starting to take off.

"Clever color pairings are very of the moment," Kara said.

That personal touch is comes alive in a big way with modern art-inspired spaces. Celebs are looking towards iconic museums like LACMA and MoMA to help create a more mature aesthetic that's still suitable for a baby's room. These places now sell home décor accessories, which is useful for finding the right pieces to establish a certain tone. 

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However, Kara suggests to refrain from going overboard with a single, dominant idea for your nursery. Instead, she said to focus on making the space positive and fun. "Design the room so that it can grow with your child. Avoid anything too thematic," she said.

Ok, but how?

Kara let us in on some of her interior decorating tricks that were both helpful and super cute. We are talking about babies here, after all. One of her tips is to wallpaper the ceiling (Designer's Guild has fun options) to complement the color of the walls of a nursery. It's fun for the little person spending lots of time on his or her back (this is their room, after all!), and a chic design concept. She also recommended incorporating decorative furniture that serves a dual purpose, such as a wagon to store books. "This creates a fun storytelling moment," she said.

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Kara also noted that her clients need a comfortable space for both parent and child. She recommends an attractive yet comfortable rocker and automated furniture for baby soothing. The Snoo by Dr. Harvey Karp is also a must-have nursery item right now. It's a bassinet that moves, rocks, swaddles and calms your baby as he or she is sleeping.

Check out some of the items from Kara-approved brands below!

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The only thing more delightful than decorating your space with these tips is the new human who's about to occupy it!

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