The wait is over! 

Shakira finally debuted her highly anticipated album El Dorado, and it's amazing! 

This album doesn't just stick to one genre. You can find it all here. 

"It's a very eclectic album, there is a lot of variety in it," the 40-year-old songstress says to E! News. "Songs with difference influences from reggaeton, bachata, straight pop songs and very personal songs especially." 

One of the personal songs that she's referring to is "Me Enamoré" which she wrote about her boyfriend, the father of her two children, Gerard Piqué

"Some of them are like pages from my journal," she says. "They're so descriptive and narrative of my own stories." 

As Shakira tells us, the songwriting process is therapeutic for her. 

"Occasionally I need that, it's cheaper than a shrink," she explains. "Writing and putting everything on the paper...putting it all out there. Eventually, if it all becomes a song that you like so much, you can't help but put it on the album. 

"That's what happened to me. I ended up including songs that are very close to my heart and narrate episodes of my life that are very private in a way, but I felt OK with sharing it because in a sense they are sort of homages to very significant moments in my personal life"  

In "Me Enamoré" the singer narrates how she fell for the FC Barcelona stud and never looked back. But what did he think of it all? 

"He liked the song, he got really emotional. He knows that there are other songs on the album that are also about him," she reveals. "There is another song called 'Coconut Tree,' it's kind of folky and a country hue, I would say.

So which chapter of their love story is this song give us a look at?

"This song is about...well, we actually went to an island when we started our relationship, and we were hiding from the world," she says. "It tells a lot about what happened at that very moment."

In the beginning of the song, Shakira sings, "Flying across the sky, searching for islands where we could land, too far away to be found."

We, of course, had to ask about their two adorable sons Milan, 4, and Sasha, 2. As Shakira explains being their mom is her biggest priority. 

"Motherhood is such a serious thing to me, I take it so seriously that it has become my work, you know? It's a 24-hour job, so now, making music is my hobby," she said laughing. "I never thought I'd say that but, making music is my hobby. Every time I get into the studio it's my escape. It's the space where I can really find myself or sort of rescue parts of myself." 

But will the boys have a baby brother or sister anytime soon? 

"I'd love to have more kids," she says. "But who knows? Right now I'm preparing for my next tour. This is another real challenge that I have ahead of me because it's the first time that I'm going to be touring with two kids. I'm going to take them for most of the tour, I'm going to take it one step at a time and try to figure it out as I go." 

Last night, the "Chantaje" singer celebrated her album release in Miami and because she's Shakira she was able to bring big names like Prince Royce and Nicky Jam to join her on stage and perform the songs that they're featured in on her album.

?En menos de 30mins #ElDorado ya es #1! Gracias por ésto, los quiero! Shak ?

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She was ecstatic when the album released, and half an hour later she received a huge surprise.

"It's No. 1, and it just came out 30 minutes ago," she said excitedly to the camera. "I can't believe it!" 

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