Ludacris and Vanessa Hudgens Dish on Co-Hosting the 2017 Billboard Music Awards

Get all the deets on Sunday's awards show

By Alli Rosenbloom, Alessandra Mortellaro, Meg Swertlow May 18, 2017 1:40 AMTags
Watch: Ludacris & Vanessa Hudgens Talk Hosting 2017 Billboard Awards

Ludacris is one cool dude, and because he's one cool dude he's been enlisted for the fourth consecutive year to host one of the coolest awards shows, the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, which happen on Sunday, May 21. And guess what? This cool dude is going to a get a cool new lady to hang out with at this year's awards show: Vanessa Hudgens.

So what do these two think about hosting the big night with each other? E! News caught up with the High School Musical actress and the rapper-turned-actor earlier today and the two dished about what fans should expect from the upcoming show this Sunday.

First off, E! News found out that even though the show is just days away, these two have never met before!

Hudgens said, "He seems like a really cool guy...I think I might give him a little more energy than what he’s used to, but we’ll just have to wait and see. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun."

In his interview, Luda referred to his hosting the awards show a fourth time as a "humbling" experience.

The Billboard Music Awards' Former Couples
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As for his cast of rotating female hosts (Ciara in 2016, Chrissy Teigen in 2015 and by himself in 2014), the 39-year-old says switching up co-hosts keeps things fresh.

"It’s always good to have different dynamics just to keep the show exciting and keep people on their toes by having different women [hosts] as well, because you have that ying and that yang," he said. "Every time it’s going to be different so it’s not like you’re doing the same thing every time."

As for how Hudgens got the hosting gig this year, the 28-year-old explained, "They came to me asking if I wanted to do it and I have never really thought about hosting before but I thought Billboard Awards is one of my favorite music award shows so why not?!"

As for his go-to rituals the night of, the rapper said he only needs one thing: "It’s really just about saying a prayer and making sure we do this job and bring the energy that is going to resonate to people around the world that are watching, and to have a great show!"

Well...a prayer and some expensive cognac!

The funny man also mentioned that the annual tradition of Remy Martin Louis Xiii is an added green-room bonus, explaining, "The good thing is every time we do the Billboard Awards they always have free Louis Xiii flowing, which is monumental because that’s like a $3K a bottle. It’s so expensive!" He joked, "Extremely expensive cognac is really what I feel like is a great thing and a great ritual for the show."

Alas, the host with the most did say that it's unlikely that his in/famous abs from his "Vitamin D" video will get any stage or screen time. 

But both Hudgens and Ludacris said audiences can expect a number of costume changes during the action-packed show.

But don't expect Coachella's biggest fashion queen to emulate her famed boho looks for the awards show. Instead she's going for big glamour for the big night.

"At Coachella I dress myself and do my own hair and makeup and this time I’m actually gonna have a really amazing team to help me elevate my look so you’ll just see the ultra-glam version," said the brunette.