Adam Levine Jokes Blake Shelton Has "Three Balls"—and Gwen Stefani's Reaction Is Priceless

The Maroon 5 singer reveals "what would shock people" about his fellow Voice coach

By Zach Johnson May 09, 2017 6:45 PMTags
Watch: Adam Levine Jokes About Blake Shelton's Genitals

Blake Shelton isn't exactly a man of mystery.

The 40-year-old country singer tells it like it is, which is one of the many reasons his girlfriend (and fellow Voice mentor) Gwen Stefani loves him. But, surely, there has to be something fans don't know about Shelton. "What would shock people about him? Probably his knowledge of music—like broad knowledge outside of country music," Stefani told E! News before taping Monday's show. "It's pretty crazy. And just how gifted he is as a songwriter and just a singer. And then how much he just lets it all roll off. Like, he doesn't care. That's really shocking to me."

Adam Levine quipped, "Or the fact that he has three balls. What?" Visibly shocked by his joke, Stefani leaned into Levine and looked into the camera, saying, "Hi! Hi, mom! Hi, dad! I'm here with Adam Levine." The Maroon 5 frontman feigned embarrassment, saying, "Hey, guys. Sorry."

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Levine's jokes at Shelton's expense didn't end there.

Later that night, Shelton was set to perform "Every Time I Hear That Song" off his tenth studio album, If I'm Honest. "This morning I was like, 'Are you performing tonight?' He goes, 'I don't know,'" Stefani said. "He had no idea and now he's here. He's such, like, 'Whatever—let's go!'"

"It's reflected in his performance," Levine teased.

In reality, Stefani promised E! News her boyfriend was "gonna be amazing."

The Voice returns tonight at 8 p.m. on NBC. Two artists will be sent home, and the remaining eight contenders will move on to next week's semifinals. "The whole thing is a lot of pressure," Alicia Keys admitted. "They dream of continuing on, but now it gets bigger, the performances become bigger, and they have to show they can handle more. I'm sure it's a lot of pressure on them; I feel it in regard to wanting them to do all that they can. Some people let it roll off their shoulders, like Mark Isaiah, who comes off grateful just to be here. Others feel really stressed."

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