Fan girl screams can be heard around the world today, because Harry Styles announced he will be doing a week-long residency with the The Late Late Show With James Corden. The announcement came via a video of Harry FaceTiming late-night host James Corden, which went live on YouTube Tuesday.

The video started with James listening to Harry's solo debut single "Sign of the Times" (which went to the top of the charts in 84 countries in the first day of being released) and reading his exclusive interview in Rolling Stone. Harry rang James on his computer for a video chat. After a cheerful greeting, Harry immediately went silent before saying, "I need to ask a favor. I'm coming to L.A. soon, and I need somewhere to stay."

Harry Styles, The Graham Norton Show

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After declining James' offer to stay at his home, Harry suggested staying at the studio, saying he wanted to stay somewhere that "feels like home." James, being the nice friend he is, told Harry he is more than welcome to stay at the studio—but there are rules. "No house guests," said James. After a little bit of confusion, James reiterated, "Zero house guests." Harry said he will oblige.

Harry also suggested he can pay for the accommodations by way of singing, but James immediately cut Harry off to say he will be the one to do the singing.

While the video is a cute and funny bit, this particular residency will showcase a brand new song from Harry's self-titled album every single night he's there. This means, by the end of his stay, audiences will have seen almost half of Harry's new music performed live on television, as his new album only features 10 songs.

Jimmy Fallon, Harry Styles


The singer, who has the show's logo on his arm due to an epic game of "Tattoo Roulette," will be on the show every night for one week starting May 15 to promote his new album, which comes out on May 12. Along with a live-performance each night, viewers can expect a variety of segments throughout the week.

Harry has performed in sketches and segments before with his band One Direction, and most recently as a solo act during his role as musical guest on Saturday Night Live. Harry gave the world a taste into his comedic side while playing rock icon Mick Jagger during a Family Feud sketch. 

Harry and James' announcement video concluded with a silly fight between the two over who should hang up first—and based on this interaction alone, we know we are in for a hilarious and fun treat next month. After finally hanging up on Harry mid-sentence, James wrapped the video up by saying, "A week of Harry Styles. God help us all."

Harry's residency marks the first time The Late Late Show with James Corden has ever had a week-long guest. Harry will be on the show May 15-18.

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