Jimmy Kimmel was more sour than sweet Thursday night.

The host began Jimmy Kimmel Live! by mocking Starbucks' "latest abomination," the Unicorn Frappuccino—Instagram's latest craze. "It's the first Frappuccino that looks like a windbreaker from the '80s. It's got pink powder, mango syrup, sour blue drizzle and all sorts of other stuff. It's got everything but coffee in it," the 49-year-old comic said. "When you stir it up the color changes to pink and the flavor changes. Who says America doesn't invent anything anymore?"

Unicorn Frappuccino


"It's only available until Apr. 23—or until someone dies from drinking it, whichever comes first," Kimmel joked. "And if the Unicorn Frappuccino doesn't strike your fancy—and you would think it would—Starbucks has another new item designed specifically to suit our troubled times."

Kimmel then showed a parody commercial for Starbucks' next big trend. "Here at Starbucks, your enjoyment is our goal. The world is complicated, and we know that now, more than ever, it takes more to make you smile," a man said as footage of President Donald Trump and protests aired. "That's why Starbucks is proud to introduce our newest flavored coffee drink: The F--k-It-Ccino. Made with Starbucks premium coffee and cake batter, chocolate frosting, French fries, vodka and Lexapro—everything you need to forget about life...for six minutes."

The late-night host isn't the only one bothered by Starbucks' saccharine concoction. An employee went on a viral rant Thursday, while others complained about the drink in Reddit forums. Katy Perry spit it out on Instagram, joking, "I couldn't handle drinking my own blood."

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