At the end of season two of iZombie, a new kind of order was rising in Seattle. 

Vivian (Andrea Savage) proclaimed that the city was on its way to being the new "zombie homeland," and Liv (Rose McIver) and the gang have little choice but to join this new world. But what exactly is a "zombie homeland?"

We got the stars of the CW series to weigh in on exactly what we're in for when the show finally returns next week, and as you might expect, we got some useful information, and some not so useful information. 

"In a way, what isn't a zombie homeland?" Robert Buckley asks. 

iZombie, season 3

The CW

"The zombie homeland sort of speaks to the fact that there are a lot more zombies in Seattle than Liv was aware of," McIver more helpfully tells us. "It becomes more of a zombie show in some ways. Our zombies still aren't exactly the zombies you've seen before, but there's a lot more of us, and so the threat of how these two communities might or might not integrate is kind of what plays out over the season." 

"Really what it means is that zombies would be known on a universal, national level, and it would not be a secret anymore, would not be hidden, and that you know, humans vs. zombies, that could become a thing," Aly Michalka adds. 


iZombie, season 3

The CW

And then David Anders breaks the (fake) news: Claire Danes, of Homeland, is a season three guest star, meaning season three is literally a Zombie Homeland

And not only that: Damien Lewis appears in the finale, and Mandy Patinkin sings! 

This is, of course, the fakest of news, but who knows? Maybe season four?

In keeping with the zombie theme, we also asked the cast to weigh in on whose brain they would eat if they could, and let's just say there's an argument over who gets to be Ashley and who gets to be Mary-Kate. Watch above! 

iZombie returns Tuesday, April 4 at 9 p.m. on the CW. 

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