Grimm series finale


Well that was...grim. 

Or at least it was for a while. We just wanted to use that opening line, to be honest, but things did get really, really bad at for a while during the series finale of NBC's Grimm.

Everyone but Nick and the kids died at some point, and we were torn between being impressed that they were willing to kill everybody off and being pretty damn devastated that everybody was dead. 

In the end, they were not all dead. In fact, nobody but the bad guy had actually bitten the dust when all was said and done, and that's about the best outcome we could have hoped for. 

At the beginning of the night, Nick (David Giuntoli) realized that both Wu (Reggie Lee) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) had been killed by the Zestörer, and he was goddamn devastated. He tried to use the magical stick to bring Hank back to life, but it was no use. 

And the casualties didn't stop. Eve (Bitsie Tulloch) also fell prey to the Zestörer, but for some reason, the demon kept leaving Nick alone. 

It was Diana (Hannah R. Loyd) who eventually revealed the truth: the Zestörer wanted Nick's magical stick, which was also how he kept knowing exactly where Nick was. And the Zestörer also wanted Diana.

Grimm series finale


The rest of the gang worked to come up with a potion to defeat the demon, but it was only effective for about two seconds. He killed Renard (Sasha Roiz), and then he killed Adalind (Claire Coffee), and he turned his staff into a snake which then bit Monroe (Silas Weird Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner). And then he killed Trubel (Jaqueline Toboni), before revealing to Nick that if he simply gave him the stick, everyone could come back to life. He proved it by reviving Trubel. 

Nick was about to hand the stick over, before Trubel stopped him. They even fought each other over it, but Nick was determined to get his friends back. He stole the stick back from Trubel and went on his way to find the Zestörer, only to run into his dead mom and aunt on the way. 

They helped him fight and kill the Zestörer (or at least they did in his head), and told him to protect the special grimm stick at all costs. 

Grimm series finale


Nick and Trubel started to mourn their dead friends, until a handy dandy portal opened up, and Nick, still holding the demon's staff, got pulled in...and he crashed right into Monroe and Rosalee's living room, right back into the same scene from last week's episode, from before the Zestörer showed up. Or rather from right when the Zestörer showed up, because he came through the portal with Nick. 

This time, the beast was dead, so Nick came alone. Diana remarked that she got Nick back, and that Eve was fully a hexenbiest again, and Nick freaked out about everyone (including Wu and Hank) being alive again. So this wasn't the devastating bloodbath it looked like it was going to be, and in fact, was a totally happy ending. 

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Grimm Series Finale
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