Briseyda Ponce, Girl Eating During Run, Viral

Twitter/Briseyda Ponce

It's officially spring, meaning many of us have kicked it into high gear when it comes to working out and eating right. 

With major music festivals like Coachella just around the corner and summer coming a few months after that, we're all trying to look good in crop tops, short-shorts and (worst of all) bathing suits...dun dun dun.

We've been hitting those spin classes three days a week, working in ten minutes of abs wherever we can and making sure our egg whites and chicken salads are cooked to perfection...Which is why the internet's newest viral sensation is giving us a bit of a reprieve right now. 

Everyone, meet 8-year-old Allysson Baires, our hero.

Similar to us, Allysson just wants to look good and feel good.

In fact, after some bullies in her class—including her crush, Hector—called her fat, she asked her older cousin Briseyda Ponce to take her on a run. Half-way through their jog, however, little Allysson did what we all wish we could do: She stopped and whipped out a Rice Krispie Treat

Briseyda—who photographed the whole thing—chatted with Buzzfeed and admitted she couldn't stop laughing over the moment. However, she also said it offered her the opportunity to put things in perspective for Allysson (and really, all of us, too).

"Instead we just walked around the block talking, trying to make her understand how beautiful she is," Briseyda explained. "I [explained] to her how beauty isn't physical, and if she wants to work out or run it has to because she wants to be healthy, not because of others' opinions about her body."

So while it's totally cool to be working toward our hot bods for the summer, let's take a couple lessons from little Allysson: 1) Only do it if it makes you happy (buh-bye, Hector); 2) You're beautiful no matter what; and 3) Always do you...even if that means eating a Rice Krispie Treat mid-run.

Praise you, Allysson. Praise you!

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