A group of Hollywood ladies is coming together for a not-so-typical political video.

Thanks to the minds at Funny or Die, Blac Chyna, Nina Dobrev and Rebecca Romijn are expressing their views on the importance of healthcare, especially in regards to women.

In the video titled "Sexy Women Beg for Healthcare," the stars begin sharing their message to all the male fans watching from home.

"I know you've fantasized about having sex with us and I'm sure when you're thinking about my beautiful huge breasts," Rebecca explained. "You're probably not thinking that they need to be regularly screened for breast cancer."

"Also, we will go through menopause. We'll still be hot though," she added.

To further educate the audience, the ladies have some fun with a few objects that resemble female organs.

"You've probably thought about touching my breasts," Rebecca shared. "Or wondering what I look like as a naked cartoon," Chyna added.

Finally, the group of stars that includes Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch and Odette Annable go on to explain all the things men want from their leading lady. These women, however, can't accomplish anything unless they have proper healthcare.

"So please, when politicians talk about things like not wanting to cover contraception or prenatal care or mammograms, think about us," the ladies share. "Sexually begging you to keep us healthy, because there's nothing sexier than being alive."

Watch the complete video including outtakes from the shoot above.

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