It's time to insert the screaming emoji right about now.

In case you're dealing with a case of the Monday blues, we may have some super exciting news to get you through.

The newest emoji update was announced today and a whopping 69 new individual symbols will be coming soon to a smart phone near you.

From dinosaurs and dumplings to brains and barfing, there really are a whole new bunch of topics to discuss with your friends and frenemies.

While we wait patiently for the new update to take into effect, here are just some of the pop culture topics we can't wait to discuss in the form of emojis.

1. When April the Giraffe's baby is finally born on the live stream, we now have the emojis to announce it

2. When Oprah Winfrey drops an a-ha moment, we can use the mind-blown emoji

3. When you're too lazy to go out on a Friday because you're watching Aladdin, use the Genie emoji

4. When Jax Taylor wants girlfriend Britany Cartwright to make a sandwich on Vanderpump Rules, use the sandwich emoji

5. When you're trying to channel the new Teresa Giudice, use the yoga emoji

6. When you spot a famous mom on Instagram breastfeeding, use the breastfeeding emoji

7. When you just bought a pair of Arthur George socks, use the sock emoji

8. When Lindsay Lohan's dreams of becoming the star of The Little Mermaid live-action film come true, use the mermaid emoji

9. When a super sappy moment happens on The Bachelor and you just can't stand it, use the barf emoji

10. When it's Thursday night and you just want some Chinese food during TGIT, you know what to use

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