Scarlett Johansson knows life as a working mom isn't always the easiest. 

E! News caught up with the actress while promoting her new film Ghost in the Shell, where she dished on the importance of prioritizing her 3-year-old daughter Dorothy Dauriac over work-related commitments and stresses.

"Even when I was shooting [Ghost in the Shell] I was still nursing," she shared.  "That is a very grounding [thing.] If you ever needed to return to yourself, that is a pretty wonderful way to come back to yourself when you go home."

Scarlett, who co-parents her little girl with recent ex Romain Dauriac, "You have to leave all that work stuff behind and be able to present with your kid. I am very thankful that's my reality at the end of the day."

In addition to balancing motherhood with an extremely demanding schedule, Scarlett was tasked with shaping her already incredible physique into that of crime-fighting cyborg. But as an action movie veteran, the 32-year-old embraced the strict fitness and diet routine.

Johansson explained, "Getting up, going to the gym, eating clean and working a long day and then going to bed and sleeping well and getting up and doing it again the next day. You kind of fall into this routine."

"I actually appreciate that discipline," she added. "It helps me focus on my job. I think when you're that disciplined, the cheat doesn't really exist. You're like, ‘I earned this piece of chocolate cake. I'm going to go for it.' You don't even think about it."

To find out Scarlett's biggest guilty pleasure on set, watch the videos above!

Ghost in the Shell hits theaters March 31. 

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