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Calling all conspiracy theorists! 

For the past week there have been swirling questions over a possible new love for Tom Cruise. The actor is currently in pre-production for M:I 6, the latest installment in the Mission: Impossible franchise, and inquiring minds have been debating whether he is trying to sweep costar Vanessa Kirby off her feet. 

According to the conspiracy theory (and it still is exactly that: A conspiracy), Cruise was all kinds of impressed by the actress' turn in The Crown—and who wasn't?—and worked to get her the top spot in the flick, which then turned into a full-on wooing situation. This is all completely unconfirmed, but you try telling a conspiracy theorist to back down. 

This isn't the first time that Cruise has made headlines for his romantic endeavors (and the way in which these romances are started), and it also isn't the first time the world has found itself innately curious about the inner workings of a celebrity couple. A-listers often like to keep details cagey and close to the vest—it's hard to blame them. But sometimes there are certain relationships that are so mysterious it's impossible not to feel desperate to know the truth. 

These couples have eluded the public, leaving people with nothing better to do than to drum up their own wild hunches about what went down. 

Has Tom Cruise ever auditioned a girlfriend?

Here we go again. No matter what Tom does, he just can't get away from these pesky rumors—the tinfoil hat club loves to theorize about the origin stories of his many romantic endeavors. It all dates back to the Church of Scientology, with the conspiracy claiming that the giant organization is in charge of finding, vetting and ultimately setting up prospective partners. 

It's a tale as old as time, really: Girl joins church, church finds her to be very eligible, church puts girl through rigorous audit process, girl is offered lucrative opportunities that would significantly boost her career and star power. All those pesky Going Clear-style documentaries have only fueled the conspiracy flames. And now, the rumor mill has moved on to the possible romance between Cruise and his M:I 6 costar.

We'll start off with the most important point: Tom's camp has issued denials on these issues every step of the way. But let's just say that he did enjoy her turn in The Crown, and found her to be a great potential action star. And then once they began pre-production on the flick, a romance began to bud. Would that be so crazy? They certainly wouldn't be the first celebrities to feel a spark on set. Is it a very odd coincidence? Sure. Could it be more than a coincidence? Sure. But we're not convinced just yet. 

Are Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner back together?

We'll see this mystery and raise you one more: Were they ever even apart? Yeah, yeah, they filed for divorce and all. But you show us another couple who's broken up yet chooses to live together indefinitely. And there's that small nagging point that the divorce has never technically been finalized. 

The conspiracy has worked like this: First, when Affleck and Garner announced their shocking split, the world mourned. It was devastating. If these two lovebirds, who ran down to the beach to each other, couldn't make it work, then surely there was no hope for literally anyone else. Second, the public immediately began speculating that they were back together. 

The evidence for a conspiracy is rife: There's the living together, first of all. And the vacationing together, the bringing the kids to school together, the going to church together. If we didn't know better, we'd think they were...together. 

Did Drake and Jennifer Lopez ever really date?

This mystery is the opposite of Ben and Jen: The two musicians wanted the public to believe they were an item, but a lot of people aren't buying it. They went through all the motions: Drake attended several of JLo's concerts, they went out to intimate dinners, they had a social media debut. All seemed well, but many believe that all wasn't as it seemed. 

Inquiring minds are well aware that Hollywood has a dirty little secret called the Publicity Relationship, and there were times that Drake and JLo exhibited all the signs. Like the fact that their relationship came seemingly out of nowhere, and they don't exactly have a ton in common. Or the fact that after the requisite Instagram posts and a boatload of press, the relationship ended without so much as a blink. 

But we didn't say all this...you did. 

When did Adele get married?

Sometimes a theory is so pervasive that it actually comes true. This is the case of Adele's marriage to Simon Konecki. The adorable couple has been the source of wedding rumors pretty much since the world learned of her pregnancy. Every disappearance from the spotlight, every public admission of love simply fueled the flames that they had secretly tied the knot. The world has been convinced that Adele got married almost as long as Adele has been Adele. 

And then, suddenly, came a slip-up. The singer (presumably) inadvertently referred to Konecki as her "husband," and pop culture imploded on itself. We were right! Vindicated! Able to sleep again. Until everyone realized that this only furthered the mystery—because no one knows when or where or how this happened. 

Anyone who feels like they need to know the answers to this question to live their lives in peace should get used to uncertainly, because we'll probably never find out. But, celebrity conspiracy theorists can get some shuteye knowing that for once, they were right. 

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