With their sharp senses of humor and collaborative banter, Kristen Bell and husband Dax Shepard make the perfect team in real life and onscreen but there is one thing they did disagree on when he was directing her in CHiPs: Boobs.

He stars as California Highway Patrol Officer Jon Baker in the action-comedy film, adapted from the hit '70s and '80s series, while she plays his trophy wife.

The movie was filmed in late 2015, almost a year after Bell gave birth to her and Shepard's second child and while she was still breastfeeding. She recently said that for a scene in which she appears in a zip-up swimsuit, she purposely stopped pumping for one day, which caused her breasts to become engorged.

"I was not micromanaging Kristen's look in the movie," Shepard told E! News exclusively. "I kind of leave that up to her. She had a whole idea of what kind of trophy wife Jon Baker would have had when he was a motocross star and so that included really big boobs and hair extensions." 

Kristen Bell, CHiPs

Peter Iovino / Warner Bros. Pictures

"When I came out with a chest that size, he said, 'It looks great, but you need to zip the bathing suit up a little bit,'" Bell recalled. "And I was like, 'Honey, I get these one time. I want a lot of cleavage. I want this to look aggressive.' ...it was the one disagreement we had on set."

Bell had made similar comments to E! News and in an interview on Late Night With Seth Meyers, adding, "Nobody sexualizes me but me!'

Meanwhile, Shepard said he implemented a "No Dicks" policy on set. However, not in the physical sense—CHiPs contains full-frontal nudity.

"You can show your penis on the set of my movies, you can't [be] like a proverbial dick," he told E! News.

CHiPs is now in theaters.

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