The Flash, musical

The CW

Prepare to smile yourselves silly. 

The musical crossover episode of The Flash airs tonight, and we're here to tell you it's a delight, especially if you like watching superheroes fall in love. 

"Duet" finds Barry (Grant Gustin) and Supergirl's Kara (Melissa Benoist) under the spell of the Music Meister (Darren Criss), a mischievous villain who has sent them both into a movie musical straight out of the 1940s, where all their friends are not their friends and they have to sing their way to safety, without the help of their super powers. 

"It's going to be quite a spectacle," Candice Patton tells E! News of the epic hour, which began with the Music Meister's appearance in last night's Supergirl. "I think there's a lot for fans to get excited about, from the singing and dancing to seeing like some of your favorite characters in completely different ways." 

The Flash, musical

The CW

Take, for example, Iris. Iris' musical alter ego is the "spunky" Millie. 

"She's the daughter of two gangsters—Joe West (Jesse L. Martin), and Victor Garber's character," Patton tells us, meaning she might have the best two dads of all time. "In this dream sequence, she's madly in love with Mon-El's character from Supergirl." 

You can bet Barry and Kara are not going to be so thrilled with that last development, even if Mon-El (Chris Wood) is going by the name of Tommy in this world. Both Barry & Iris and Kara & Mon-El broke things off in the last episode of their respective shows, for some pretty good reasons.

For Barry, it's because he's been too distracted from loving Iris by trying to save her life, and for Kara, it's because she just learned that Mon-El's been keeping a royally huge secret from her about how he's actually the prince of the planet Daxam, and not just a guard. 

The Flash, musical

The CW

There is a lot at stake, but it's not quite the same as typical episodes of The Flash or Supergirl. Barry and Kara get to put down their superhero burdens for a minute and just go with the flow of this movie musical they're stuck in. 

"It felt good to put on the dancing shoes, so to speak, and literally, because we were dancing," Melissa Benoist tells us. "It was so fun to step into different skin, almost, as Kara. I'm so used to the suit, I'm so used to doing a specific set of skills for her, fighting people, and her stubbornness, and being in this joyful music-filled world is really great." 

And Barry, just for a second, gets to forget about Savitar, Flashpoint, and all the mistakes that have been haunting him this season.

"It's always fun to kind of put down the weight that Barry carries. And this, I think, has been the heaviest season for Barry," Grant Gustin tells us. "I mean last year started to get pretty dark too, but this, obviously carrying the knowledge that Iris is supposed to die, it's like anything and everything that he does, in the back of his mind, is gonna be, I can't let this happen. It was really fun to abandon that for an episode." 

The Flash, musical first look

The CW

It's also fun to watch Barry and Kara and everyone else from the DC comics world abandon their usual duties for a bit of song and dance, and no matter your musical taste, there's something for everyone. There's some Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, some La La Land, and some Broadway classics, and a whole lot of beautiful jokes. 

"I think we've created something really special," Patton says. "I think anyone who's not a fan of musicals should give us a shot. I think it's a great, great episode."

The Flash/Supergirl musical crossover airs tonight at 8 p.m. on the CW. 

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