Celebrities looking the way they do should only be so impressive.

Having a trainer and a chef—or at least the resources to shop solely at Whole Foods or get three farm-to-table, organic, macrobiotic meals delivered every day—obviously helps with daily maintenance.

But celebrities, even the fittest ones, are only human. They like chocolate and burgers, and cake. And even knowing that looking a certain way is part of their job doesn't make the idea of cutting yummy food out of their lives any more palatable.

Stars from TV, film and the sporting world are always sharing various fitness and diet tips with E! News, and while there are some rigid regimens to be followed out there, we couldn't help but notice that Jennifer Lawrence, Lindsey Vonn, Lisa RinnaJamie Dornan and many more have a particularly heartening approach to food in common.

Jennifer Lawrence, Jamie Dornan, Eating

Getty Images

Not everyone is "quite blessed with a decent metabolism" like Jamie, to be sure, but everyone can understand what it's like to want to strike the right balance between healthy and happy. And if the two can meet, then all the better (you'll see, Padma Lakshmi has some advice for that).

Besides, a celeb's most memorable attribute is far more likely to be a dazzling smile or sparkling presence than it is the ability to turn down dessert. Rarely are "dieting" and "having fun" used in the same sentence.

So watch the video and find out how these stars make room for cravings in life. Overall it's just nice to hear that deprivation isn't always the answer—and cheers to chili, which gets J.Law every time.

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