Kim Zolciak-Biermann and her 20-year-old daughter Brielle Biermann won't be traveling to Germany anytime soon.

The reality star mommy-daughter duo were on their way back from Italy with the rest of their family when they were stopped before boarding a flight back home in Germany.

Kim took to Twitter to (angrily) recap the entire situation. "Crazy ass airport n Germany! So extra told me its my government thats why they r searching all my stuff! Throwing my wigs around & s--t," she began. 

"I went through security they searched my carry on, squeezing all my nutri grain bars, throwing my stuff around, obviously I didn't have anything," she continued, explaining how they had somehow missed the huge water bottle her other daughter, Ariana, had in her bag. "[They] said I needed further testing, swiped my hands & bag and said I tested positive for 'explosives.'"

Kim said officers were yelling at her husband Kroy Biermann to "back up" before searching her again. 

"Obviously I didn't have anything," she continued. "I had to put all my [belongings] back together & we headed to our gate, upon arriving to our gate we are met with 3 security guards who said my hubby & producer had 2 go all the way back to security and be searched again! INSANE!"

When she expressed how "crazy" the whole situation was, Kim said one security guard responded, saying, "No it's because of YOUR government."

At that point, the Tardy for the Party star said they barely made it to their gate only for her producer's ticket to be "rejected again."

Luckily, they eventually made it on their flight. "On my way to Atlanta thank God," she tweeted. "Italy was amazing the ppl were too!! Never in all my years of traveling had I EVER experienced this!"

Brielle expressed her anger in a bit of a different way, telling Germany's airport staff off all together.

"Germany airport every single person who works here can go f--k themselves," she tweeted before adding, "Can't wait to get back to america."

The family had traveled to Italy over the last week, visiting major cities like Florence and Venice.

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