"What if we're too similar?"

They say opposites attract, but Nick Viall proved that isn't always the case when he proposed to Vanessa Grimaldi in The Bachelor's finale on Monday, despite voicing his concern that the now-engaged couple might just be too similar.

But come on, are they really THAT alike?! E! News decided to put them to the test when Carissa Culiner sat down with them after the finale to find out their respective opinions on some hard-hitting topics. And, before the game officially kicked off, Nick was quick to joke, "We've also found out we have some differences!"

The Bachelor Season 21 Finale, Nick Viall, Vanessa


When it comes to whether or not they are early birds or night owls, Vanessa admitted she likes to sleep in, while Nick said, "I get up early than she does." So while that is technically a difference, it all works out perfectly as "He wakes me up in the morning like dangling bacon in my face," Vanessa revealed. Nick added, "Isn't that a great fiancé, wake her up with bacon?! You're welcome!"

As for texting vs. calling, they both chose texting, with one catch "Unless you're fighting," Nick said. "I'm not a believer in fighting over text. And by fighting I mean having a mild disagreement."

And while they both agree you can't choose between sweet or salty snacks, they had different opinions when it came to burgers vs. tacos, with Nick choosing the former and Vanessa choosing the latter, even though she revealed she actually "ordered a burger" after the After the Final Rose special. "But then I gave it to my brother," she said.

To hear more from Nick and Vanessa, including whether they prefer a night in or a night out on the town, press play on the video above. 

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