Amber Rose, Instagram


Amber Rose can't be contained!

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant put her 36H chest on display to show the perks of new pushup bra. In the racy Instagram video, Rose jiggles her breasts to highlight the perks of the strapless, lace up bra she's promoting.

"#ad Redefining cleavage over here with the @sneakyvaunt pushup! Cannot believe I get all this and it's backless and strapless... If you've got it ... VAUNT IT!," she captioned the video.

At first Rose simply grabs her boobs and shakes them, but then she tightens up the drawstring to show fans her perkier cleavage. Rose, 33, has always said she's proud of her body and reaffirmed that it's natural on the plastic surgery show Good Work.

"I wear a 36H, natural," she said, before confessing that she wouldn't rule out surgery. "This area over here, it's like skin, and I want to fill it out. But I don't know if I want to get an implant because my boobs are kind of really nice."

Muva didn't say a word in the video, letting her body do all the talking.

While some might criticize her methods, Rose doesn't care. "People judge the way I dress or they assume that I slept with all these men. So I just embrace it," she told Time magazine.

"I feel like so many girls go through that in the world that are not even famous and in high school, college, or just because they're very comfortable in their sexuality that they're just having random sex partners every day. That's not the case sometimes and sometimes it is, but guess what? You can do whatever you want with your body...Being slut shamed for being who you are is just not fair. You should live your life to the fullest and do anything and everything that you want and not care about anyone's opinion."

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