Diana's origin and powers are revealed even further in a new trailer for Wonder Woman debuted at the 2017 Kids' Choice Awards

Israeli actress Gal Gadot plays the Amazonian warrior princess Diana, a daughter of Zeus. She made her big screen debut as the DC superhero in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice last year.

In the new trailer for Wonder Woman, released Saturday, Diana discovers her ultimate power in more ways than one; Her inner strength, as she's being trained to fight by her aunt and general Antiope (Robin Wright), and the power of her now-famous steel cuffs, or Bracelets of Submission.

"Never get your guard down!" Wright's character tells Diana. "You expect the battle to be fair!"

In the comics, the Amazons wear them to remind themselves of the time when they were oppressed during the rule of Hercules, who is a villain in their world. The character is not featured in the movie.  In a previous trailer for the film, released in November, Diana uses her bracelets to deflect bullets during a battle.

Wonder Woman is set in the early 20th century. Gadot's character leaves her Amazon homeland, the island of Themyscira, and teams up with American pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) to try and stop a world war. She takes on a civilian alter ego, Diana Prince.

Believe in Wonder ? Here it is, the new poster for #WonderWoman!

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A new poster for Wonder Woman, showing her wearing her red, blue and gold superhero costume, was released Friday.

Wonder Woman is set to hit theaters on June 2.

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