Ellen DeGeneres, 2017 Kids Choice Awards, Winners

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Leave it to Ellen DeGeneres to kick off the 2017 Kids' Choice Awards with a little positivity. 

Gwen Stefani presented not one, but three awards to the comedienne for Favorite Voice From an Animated Movie, Favorite Animated Movie and #Squad—an honor that had everyone inside USC's Galen Center asking themselves: How can we be inducted into Ellen's Finding Dory squad?

Ellen certainly came prepared as she did exactly that, sharing a heartwarming oath every person in attendance couldn't help but repeat. 

The talk show host told the audience, "It means the most to me that you would want to be in my squad. That, to me, is the biggest compliment that I would win #Squad."

"So here's what I would like to do because I would like for you to be in my squad," she added. "I would like everyone to take an oath so that you can be in my squad. Raise your left hand. No, I'm sorry. Raise your right hand. Raise them both. And just repeat after me..."

"I am good enough just as I am," DeGeneres shared as all the kids followed along. "I am supposed to be unique and different. I'm not supposed to be like everyone else. I promise to be kind to people. I promise to brush my teeth every day and floss."

"And watch the Ellen show every single day. I love you all. You're in my squad!" she concluded. LOL!

What a start to the evening. And congrats, you're officially in Ellen's squad!

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