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By definition, urban legends are false. They're stories that are made up for entertainment, yet widely circulated as fact. Why? Because it's just plain fun. 

As long as there's a chance that they could be true, it's in our human nature to gossip about conspiracy theories. You don't need to wear a foil hat to get on board with crazy tall tales in Hollywood. Beyoncépregnancy truthers aren't kooks hiding out in their doomsday rooms, they're regular Joes. Regular Joes who happen to believe that she faked giving birth to Blue Ivy, but regular Joes nonetheless. 

Sure, some of these stories could be relegated to silly gossip, but again, gossip is fun! We're not sociologists so we're not here to figure out why our society is so fascinated with urban legends about A-listers—instead, we're here to revel in the glory of it all. 

There are far too many of these such conspiracy theories to list them all, but we do have a few favorites in particular, and those deserve to be recirculated. 

Nicolas Cage has been alive since the Civil War. Is it time travel? Is he the only person with access to the elusive fountain of youth? Is he a vampire? These are all very valid questions about actor Nicolas Cage, who until 2011 we all thought was a totally normal human man, with a penchant for overly dramatic action movies. But that was the old world. BP: Before Picture. 

Because six years ago, everything changed. A photo was released of a Civil War soldier who, well, we don't want to say looks exactly like Nicolas Cage, because that would be an affront to everything that the Vampire movement believes. This seemingly is Nicolas Cage—only wearing old-timey garb. 

This photographic unearthing naturally spawned all sorts of question, none of which have been answered with any validity. As such, the theory persists. 

Tupac is alive. And he's living on an island somewhere, basking in a tropical glow, and preferably sipping daiquiris alongside Aaliyah. This may seem like an urban legend propagated by fans who just can't come to terms with the rapper's death, but then you explain how all of his new music just keeps being magically "discovered." 

Oh, and get this: What if that Coachella hologram wasn't a hologram, but was just the real Tupac dressed as a hologram?

The Kanye West-Taylor Swift VMA fiasco was an inside job. So back in the pre-"Famous" days, the biggest Kanye-Taylor scandal was the time when the rapper rushed the VMAs stage to steal the spotlight from Swift and declare Beyoncé the righteous winner. Wasn't that just a simple time, before receipts and secret recordings?

But anyways, there is a long-held conspiracy theory that MTV planned the night's events to go down in the way they did, mostly to liven up the evening (further proof being that the two shared an agent). If it's true, then it really worked—here we are, years later, still talking about it. 

Frank Sinatra is Ronan Farrow's dad, not Woody Allen. This one is super sensitive, which means that it propagates all the more. By all official accounts, Farrow's father is Woody Allen. His mother, Mia Farrow, had several biological and adopted children with the director, and Ronan operates as such. But his mother had a famously steamy relationship with the singer, and so rumors they are a-flying. And, as Ronan himself pointed out in this tweet, we could all possibly be Frank Sinatra's son. It's simple math. 

That being said, just, er, look at these side-by-sides and come to your own conclusion. 

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are in love, and Louis' baby is fake. Larry shippers, get in formation. And strap in, because this is a multi-layered urban legend. 

It all started with the belief that Harry and Louis are head-over-heels in love and in a relationship. Fans believe that the two have been forced to keep other bogus relationships by a homophobic management team that doesn't want their true nature revealed. This theory extends into the far reaches of the Internet, and there are countless blogs and Tumblr pages devoted to reporting every shred of evidence of this couple's true love.

Then Louis had a baby with someone named Briana, and it seemed that the Legend of Louis would be gone forever. But wait! There's always a conspiracy to be had, and now everyone is convinced that this baby is fake, a further continuation of the faked straight-ness. Their evidence? The baby looks like a doll, some photos of Louis and said baby appear to be doctored (something about tattoo continuity errors), Briana got her pre-baby body back by the time she left the hospital with the "newborn," and we could go on and on.

But we still want to keep some shred of dignity, so we won't. 

The Illuminati is real. We don't want any trouble, okay? Just Google it yourself. Actually, forget that. We never even mentioned the Illuminati, okay?

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