Looking for answers? Just ask Emma Watson.

The actress teamed up with Vanity Fair to give people advice in New York City's Grand Central Terminal. Although she couldn't be there in person, she still made it work with help from Derek Blasberg for "Derek Does Stuff With a Friend."

Derek set up a portable booth with Watson, who was on FaceTime, and together they charged passersby $2 in exchange for words of wisdom from Watson. People could ask anything they wanted as long as they paid the cheap fee. The first person asked how he and his wife should reveal that they're expecting their first child together. Practically glowing from excitement, the Beauty and the Beast star suggested they pretend like they're breaking bad news.

The segment, which happened to be filmed on Valentine's Day, also had a couple of people asking romance-related questions, such as what to get their significant others for the special day.

"Go ahead and buy her jewelry," Watson suggested to one customer, "and feed her cheese."

The cutest customers, however, came in the form of two young boys who asked, "How can I be a good boyfriend?"


"Just by even asking the question you're an amazing boyfriend," Watson gushed. "I think it's really just being kind in any way that you can. Oh...and dancing!"

For the older inquirers, she advised a classic English breakfast for hangover cures, which includes sausages and baked beans. She also recommended pink peonies to a gentleman asking about Valentine's Day flowers.

Watch the video to see what other advice Watson doles out!

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