Missing Richard Simmons


The first season of Serial changed the podcast game forever, and while the second installment was met with lukewarm reception (at best), fans around the world are still waiting with baited breath for what's next.

Sarah Koenig has yet to spill any details about what's to come for the third season—or when it's even coming, for that matter—but the Internet is already buzzing with courthouse sightings, case predictions and conspiracy theories.

But for those of you who are sitting idly by, refreshing your Podcasts app in the hopes of seeing some new material, we've got you covered until Serial makes its highly anticipated return.

Introducing, your new podcast obsession, Missing Richard Simmons.

Now, before you immediately jump (or squat, or lunge…) to conclusions, may we offer you this one tidbit about the current most-listened to podcast: you don't have to know, or have any interest in, the fitness mogul in order to be instantly hooked to the show.

Here's what we know…

On February 15, 2014, Richard Simmons seemingly disappeared from society. He withdrew completely from his friends and confidants, he abruptly stopped showing up to teach his workout class in Los Angeles at Slimmons studio and he hasn't been seen in public since.

Now there are a few theories out there explaining why the 68-year-old has gone MIA, some ranging from innocent to downright sinister, but we'll spare you our predictions and let you come to your own conclusions yourselves.

Each week, filmmaker Dan Taberski takes listeners on his investigative journey to finding out exactly what happened to Simmons back in 2014 and where he is today.

Not only will Taberski's storytelling leave you on the edge of your seat but this mission hits close to home as the two were actually close friends before Richards' disappearance.

So take it from us, Missing Richard Simmons is a surefire way to curb your podcast cravings until the next season of Serial comes along. You can thank us later.

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