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At last year's Emmy Awards, Jimmy Kimmelcame armed with some tricks up his sleeve. Or, rather, he came armed with his mom. 

Midway through the show, the host revealed that the elder Mrs. Kimmel had been working hard all day to make a whole bunch of her famous peanut butter and jelly sandwiches—7,000 of them, in fact. It was a gag that got a great reaction out of the hungry crowd, and a great reaction on Twitter. It had all the makings of a viral hit: Cute shots of his mom, Instagram posts from celebs grubbing on their PB&J's. It also made him slightly infamous as, well, the guy who brings food. 

So how do you live up to that? Now that Kimmel is hosting the Oscars, people want food. People expect food. People probably skipped lunch in preparation for another treat from Jimmy's mom. 

Well, he gave his Mom the night off, but he still came armed with the munchies. Midway through the show, Kimmel came out to present another A-lister but stopped to give the remark, "You can't really have movies without candy."

"It's un-American," he continued. "Yeah, popcorn is, too, but we don't have that."

And just then, little bags of Red Vines rained down on the adoring crowd, like a gift from the heavens. "It's time to find out how well those Spanx really work," joked Kimmel. 

Candy GIF

And just like the sandwiches at the Emmys, the stars couldn't get enough. Squeals of joy could be heard as the bags floated down to everybody. Just look at Taraji P. Henson: That is a face of pure bliss. That is happiness that cannot be replicated. 

So with that, we forgive you for taking the night off, Jimmy's mom. 

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