After having done Carpool Karaoke with the real Britney Spears, James Corden probably knew Lifetime's biopic, Britney Ever After, wouldn't compare.

Well, he would've realized had he known there was an original Lifetime movie made about the pop star. But the Late Late Show host revealed Tuesday night that he happened to stumble upon the film while relaxing at home Saturday night. "I'm flipping through the channels and it's like oops...I did it again. It's toxic. It drives me crazy because I just want Lifetime to gimme gimme more, gimme more."

You see what he did there!

One he got settled into the movie, Corden knew he was in for a real treat, calling it an "absolute master class." About the lead, Natasha Bassett, Corden noted, "She's the perfect person for a biopic if the biopic was about Tiffany Trump."

But what really blew the British host away was how accurate the movie was. "It's like you're watching a documentary, isn't it?" Corden asked after airing the scene in which Britney first sees her tour bus and all of its amenities. "In a world full of fake news I'm just happy to have some truth. And that truth, ladies and gentlemen, is that Britney Spears loves cheese puffs."

Despite being a "high-budget movie," Britney Ever After had to make some cuts somewhere, Corden realized. "They spent so much money on writers and actors it appears like they ran out of money for getting the rights to Britney Spears' music," Corden joked. "Luckily the creative masterminds behind the film came up with some Britney songs even Britney didn't know existed." 

Britney Ever After


Those songs were "If You're Looking for Trouble" and "All Right All Right." Don't remember them? Neither did the late-night host. But Lifetime's movie did have "one real classic song performed by 'N Sync" and that was "Happy Birthday." Even more impressive, however, was the casting of Justin Timberlake.

"You know it's Timberlake when you hear 'bomb diggity,'" Corden quipped of the dialogue.

What really took Corden by surprise was how Britney and Justin called it quits in the movie: with a dance off. "It's still hard to say who won," Corden noted. "I know who won—anyone who watched it."

Watch the hilarious video above to see Corden dissect Britney Ever After.

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