The 59th Annual Grammy Awards were filled with show-stopping moments, but they also had their fair share of moments that caused us to slightly panic. Despite hours upon hours of rehearsals ahead of the big night, some musicians' performances still managed to be marred by technical difficulties. But as professionals, they powered through it. While malfunctioning microphones are not the artists' faults, there were moments during the Grammys that made us sit on the edge of our seats with nerves.

So even though there were cringe moments that happened as a result of poor production, there were also intentional moments that made us cower.

James Corden, Grammys

Here are the most nerve-wracking moments of the 2017 Grammys:

1. James Corden kicking the night off with a fallOuch! Even though this was entirely intentional, watching the evening's host fly down the stairs made us cringe, cower and wince from the pain we can only imagine he endured. Even though he popped right back up, we couldn't help but wonder how he was (literally) able to roll it off.

Beyonce, 2017 Grammys, Show, Performance

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for NARAS

2. Beyoncé leaning back in her chair: Pregnant or not, this was absolutely terrifying. Queen Bey had us freaking out for her sake and the sake of her unborn twins. Don't even try to kid yourselves, you all gasped, too.

Adele, 2017 Grammys, Show, Performance, Sad

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for NARAS

3. Adele stopping her George Michael tribute: Despite absolutely nailing her performance, Adele made us nervous when she stopped herself in the middle. Requesting a do-over, Adele started over and gave the audience an emotional rendition. But seeing as this was the second year in a row that the British songstress criticized her own performance, we momentarily lost our breath wondering how she'd handle it. 

James Hetfield, Metallica, Lady Gaga, 2017 Grammys, Show, Performance

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for NARAS

4. Lady Gaga's crowdsurfing: If you've seen Leslie Jones in Ghostbusters, you know crowdsurfing doesn't always end well. When Mother Monster decided to dive into the audience, we couldn't help but hold our breaths thinking she might get dropped.

Twenty One Pilots, Josh Dun, Tyler Joseph, 2017 Grammys, Winners

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for NARAS

5. Twenty One Pilots going onstage in their undies: Before they gave their adorable explanation as to why they removed their pants, the duo had us feeling pretty uncomfortable. What were they doing? Why can't they wear their pants? We had so many awkward questions, but they assuaged our discomfort with a cute story explaining everything. 

Were there any other moments that made you nervous? Sound off in the comments!

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