Super Bowl Trading Cards, Patriots, Falcons

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"With or Without A 5th Super Bowl Ring, Tom Brady Is Already the Greatest Quarterback Ever." "Expect the Super Bowl Refs to Let the Defensive Backs Play." "How Much the Patriots and Falcons Spend on Each Position." "How Super Bowl Quarterback Matt Ryan Trains His Brain."

These are all headlines for stories leading up to the big game on Sunday. And that's great—a lot of people are really excited to see Tom Bradypossibly make NFL history, or to see a team finally topple the Patriots' reign. But then there's the sizable population of the country who's really just in it for the snacks.

And we are here for you. 

We know you're getting sick and tired of being bombarded with dizzying facts about rosters and injury reserves and training and odds and blah, blah, blah. We know you want to be engaged with the Super Bowl, especially if you're going to drop all that money at the bar. You can't spend three figures on flat beer just to tune in during Lady Gaga's performance. So we're hooking you up the info we know you really want to know.

The hot guys.

Yes, while football can be a great American pastime, it's also a great time to look at cute dudes in tight pants. It feels pretty good when the objectification is on the other gender foot, we have to say. The New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons are offering up a pretty solid lineup of hotties this year, and we've combed through all of them to pick out our favorites. 

Click through the gallery to check them all out, and maybe that will finally help you decide who you're going to root for on Sunday. 

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