Prince Charles

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Royals are notoriously picky when it comes to their specific tastes. (They are just super-fancy celebrities, after all.)

Million dollar shopping sprees and requests to redecorate hotel rooms may sound like plot points for books and movies, but when you've got all the privilege in the world...well, sometimes you want to exercise all the privilege in the world.

Here are a few of the most out-there royal demands:

Prince Charles and His Towel

In an effort to avoid getting sick during flu season Prince Charles reportedly toted his own hand towels with him to avoid using public hand dryers, which are known to spread germs. And here we thought the dryers were supposed to be sanitary...

According to the Daily Mail, the staff at Mountsorrel and Rothley Heritage Centre, a charity center in London, prepared for his recent visit by designating one of the bathrooms for his private use and placing a stack of freshly laundered hand towels by the sink. 

Prince Louis XIV of France's Fountains

The Sun King not only lived in a palace adorned with gold but he also had one of the most beautiful royal gardens, which visitors to the famous Palace of Versailles can still tour today (and if you're Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, you can be treated like royalty on a private tour before your wedding).

Louis XIV enjoyed wandering the grounds and, despite a drought, expected to have every fountain in the garden running so he could enjoy the view. In order to accommodate his expectations the gardeners devised a whistling system that they used to alert each other when he was coming by so they could turn on the fountains in his line of sight. As far as we know, there aren't any reports indicating that he ever knew the difference.

Daniel Craig, Queen Elizabeth II, Corgis


Her Majesty's Corgis

Queen Elizabeth II's affinity for Welsh corgis is legendary in its own right and, over the years, she was rarely seen at home or on the grounds of one of her estates without at least one of her dogs in tow. She considers her Corgis to be a part of her family and expects them to be treated as any royal family member would be. According to Hello magazine, the dogs have always had their own quarters at Buckingham Palace and a personal chef who prepares their meals based on special instructions from their trainer each day.

The Princess and the Shopping Spree

The Daily Mail reported in 2012 about a princess, whose name they could not reveal, booking 40 rooms on the third floor of the iconic London hotel Claridges, two of which were reserved for the contents of her latest shopping adventure. She also requested four extra duvets be added to her bed because she wanted to make sure it would be soft enough, according to the housekeeping staff. 

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