Well, this was a lot less awkward than we expected. 

Steve Harvey came back to host the 2016 Miss Universe pageant, and after last pageant's on-air mistake, you can imagine how many could've wanted to look away with the 60-year-old host called Miss Colombia, Andrea Tovar as one of the top 13 finalists. 

We have to give them some serious props for taking what could've been a really awkward situation and turning it into a funny moment.

Once the beauty queen made her way near Harvey he let out, "Oh, God. Congratulations."

She simply smiled and said, "Thank you so much. Don't worry. Hug me!" 

Harvey's reply was, "Yes, I want you to marry my son."

Then Harvey asked a question that he probably didn't really want the answer to, "Listen, I want to ask this one myself. How do people in Colombia feel about Steve Harvey?" 

The audience laughed.

"A lot of people hate you. But you know I love you," she said before proceeding in Spanish."The most important thing is--that I forgive you in the name of my country because know to commit an error is to be human."

Applause from the crowd met her heartfelt statement, but Harvey seemed to have not understood what she said because he responded with a shocked face and jokingly said, "Was that a death threat? Thank you, Colombia. Little shook right now."


Because how could we forget when the host awarded Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutiérrez with the crown instead of the rightful champion Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach, the Internet had a field day. Ultimately, he tearfully apologized on his talk show while returning as host. 

We're glad this big oops is behind them!

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