Ladies and gentlemen, can we give it up for Dolly Parton?

During the 2017 SAG Awards Sunday night, the country singer was brought onstage to help present Lily Tomlin with the Life Achievement Award.

While her close friend Jane Fonda was unable to join her after getting sick, Dolly couldn't help but bring the laughs and jokes to the packed house.

"Greetings from Dollywood, Hollywood. I almost didn't get in. Seriously, I didn't. They were holding me backstage, kept wanting to see my I.D.'s," she shared with the Shrine Auditorium audience. "Well I think they wanted to see I.D.'s, maybe double D's."

She added, "Well, I'm glad to get that off my chest."

Dolly Parton, 2017 SAG Awards, Show

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

But wait, there's more.

"I'm really so glad to be here tonight because this is the SAG Awards, the highest honor you can get. It's going to be given to my 9 to 5 buddy, Miss Lily Tomlin," Dolly continued. "I might say Lily is getting an award for something I've spent my whole life trying to avoid, a sag award. I see something sagging, I'm calling Dr. Markowitz to say get that nipped, tucked, and stuffed right away."

Putting jokes aside, Dolly was honored to present a prestigious award for her close friend. And in between jokes and humor, the actress recognized Lily's greatest work on and off screen.

"We all know what a great actor she is. But the life achievement award recognizes both career achievement and humanitarian accomplishment. So it's appropriate to mention the causes that are close," she shared. "Lily has always been an activist. And she continues to take a stand on behalf of civil rights, animal welfare, and issues facing the homeless and the LGBTQ community in all aspects of life. As far as her stellar career on the big screen, I could list a whole bunch of stuff."

As for that 9 to 5 sequel with Lily, Dolly told the audience that you can never say never. "People have wanted another 9 to 5, but I think we'd have to call it 95," she joked. 

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