This multi-Grammy Award-winning singer is doing something that's never been done before in the Latin market, and we're loving it!

Juanes sat down with E! News' Sibley Scoles to tell us all about his new single "Hermosa Ingrata" and his upcoming visual album Mis Planes Son Amarte.

The Colombian star revealed that some of the biggest names inspired him to be more creative with the delivery of his music. "Yes, definitely some Anglo artists inspired me a lot. When we were doing the album, we thought the way that they presented their albums last year, like Frank Ocean and Beyoncé was a really good idea. And for the Latin world, this is going to be the first time that we release an album like this," Juanes said. "So we're very excited. Once we finished the songs, which is what is most important, we felt so inspired to do more and just to find different ways to present the music for the fans."

If you watch closely in Juanes' "Fuego" music video, which has already broken records and is currently the first single off his new album, you might spot a familiar face of a famous model. 

"That came about in Mexico City, we were recording and shooting, and the director from Mexico was close to Joan Smalls. So we invited her, and she accepted our invitation. She was in Paris for a modeling thing, and she flew to Mexico. She's a super nice girl," the 44-year-old musician explained. "Yes, you'll see her a couple of times more because there is a storyline and she's in some parts of the movie." 

And when it came to seeing Renato Lopez in "Fuego" it was indeed bittersweet. The former E! Latin America host and actor was killed in Mexico in November 2016. The singer opened up about how difficult it was for him and his team to deal with the death of the rising star. 

"It was extremely hard for the whole team and us. Because we spent a month with him working like every day, he was such a nice person full of light and this powerful soul that he has. When we realized what happened we were all devastated. But it was an incredible opportunity for me to spend some time with him working as an actor," he explained. 

Mi #tbt de hoy es con mi Luna adorada hace varios años.

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Juanes then lit up when he spoke about the ones that mean the most to him—his children. 

"I love then so much. For me, you know, my kids and my family mean a lot. I can't see my life without them. They are like the center of my life, and they're the beginning and the end. They give me a lot of inspiration," the super dad said. "When I'm traveling it's hard for them and me when I have to work. But I try to put all things together and make it happen." 

The singer also revealed that the roles have reversed in his household when it comes to who teaches who how to play certain instruments. "Well, in the beginning, I was teaching then piano and a little bit of the drums and things. Now they teach me; they are really good." 

And what exactly does "Hermosa Ingrata" mean? Well, Juanes himself explained to us saying, "It means that it's about all of these beautiful women that are so beautiful but at the same time very dangerous. She makes you suffer but makes you happy." 

"It's a good thing and a bad thing."

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