Titanic, La La Land

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Yesterday, La La Land made history. 

After the modern musical swept all of its Golden Globes categories (including Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Picture and Best Director, among others), it managed to score a whopping 14 Oscar nominations. 14 times the Academy thought to itself, I think La La Land might be the best

As impressive as this all sounds, it's not the first time that such a feat has occurred. Let us journey back twenty years, to the reign of one Titanic. Yes, this movie too garnered 14 Academy Award nominations (it would go on to win 11 of them) during a time at which no other movie had more buzz. And like the great and powerful Carrie Bradshaw once said, we got to thinking

What we thought, precisely, was that La La Land and Titanic are actually kind of totally the exact same movie. Seriously! Sure, one is an early-1900's period piece about one of the greatest nautical tragedies of our time, and the other is a modern musical that pays homage to jazz through the lens of an idealized Los Angeles, but just hear us out. 

We present our case below: 

Titanic vs. La La Land

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