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Carrie Fisher's family continues to lean on each other for support during this time, and that most definitely includes the star's dog Gary Fisher.

The late actress' half-sister Joely Fisher shared a precious photo of the beloved French bulldog staring up at the camera with his adorable face and signature tongue as he spent some quality time with his "Auntie Joely." She wrote, "Auntie Joely got to visit with @garyfisher today #love #dogs #dogsofinsta #carriefisher #puppylove."

The fan-favorite service dog who accompanied Fisher everywhere, and helped the star with her bipolar disorder, is now in the care of Fisher's daughter, Billie Lourd. According to TMZ, a family source shares that Fisher always wanted Billie to take custody of Gary if anything happened to her. Should the arrangements not work out for any reason, Gary will be placed under the care of another family member.

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Gary, who already garnered a large following of a whopping 120,000 followers on Instagram, has just created an official Twitter page (there was a fan page for the pup prior to his new account). The bio sweetly reads, "I'm the real Gary Fisher, I miss my mom more than ever and here I am to show you #garyloveshismom."

It's unclear who is behind the account, but the tweets are full of bittersweet tributes to the late Carrie Fisher.

Just yesterday, Fisher's death certificate was released nearly two weeks after her death. In official documents obtained by E! News, the Star Wars star's immediate cause of death was listed as "cardiac arrest/deferred."

The Los Angeles County Coroner's Office is expected to perform more testing including toxicology tests to determine what triggered her heart attack aboard an airplane.

Joely, who was extremely close to Carrie, spent the holiday at Carrie's hospital bedside with Billie and a worried Debbie Reynolds.  "I remember just holding [Carrie's] hand and telling her that we were there, that we would make sure her daughter was whole, which she will be," Joely remembered during an interview on Good Morning America.

It was at Carrie's bedside that Joely also shared a few foreboding moments with the actress' grief-stricken mother, who would pass away just a day after Carrie following a stroke

"I sat with Debbie and she said to me that she said she was praying for more time. She kept saying that she wanted more time and I knew that if Carrie wasn't going to survive this that Debbie would not," Joely predicted. "You knew it. You could feel it in her tiny, little, beautiful body. You could see it in her face. She would not last without her on the planet. She wouldn't and she didn't."

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